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Foster a thriving culture by listening - at scale

Revealai can easily capture hundreds (or thousands) of employees' views, empowering you with data to foster a thriving organizational culture.

Elevating Your Organizational Culture: Where to Start?

When cultivated intentionally, a vibrant organizational culture becomes a strategic advantage. While a positive culture can drive extraordinary outcomes, a toxic one can lead to employee exodus, lack of innovation, a discriminatory environment, etc.

Culture is inclusive of all individual and shared values, attitudes, and behaviors. When an organization wants to foster a thriving organizational culture, determining where to begin can be one of the toughest challenges.

The best way to start is by understanding employees’ beliefs, feelings and observations. Not just a few employees – all of them. With these insights, an organization can address barriers that prevent employees from engaging and identify creative ways to nurture a strong culture.

Revealai - AI Interviews at Scale

Revealai can gather deep insights about a company’s culture at the depth of an interview and the scale of a survey. The product can help identify ways to foster a culture of:  

- Customer-focus  
- Quality  
- Accountability  
- Innovation  
- Ownership    
- Aligned values  
- Diversity, equity, & inclusion   
- Employee engagement & recognition      
- Health & wellness  

Like a live conversation, our AI interviews system facilitate open and inclusive conversations where employees can discuss share perspectives on a company's culture their ideas, concerns, or suggestions without fear of judgment or bias. Our platform then analyzes responses and surfaces insights to help define action plans to foster a thriving culture. 

The Benefits of Revealai


Give a voice to all employees when creating a baseline of existing culture
Improve employee satisfaction, engagement, retention, and productivity
Unleash collective creativity to address challenges, opportunities
Identify and take action on the root issues and barriers preventing employees from embracing culture changes  


Establish a repeatable process to track cultural evolution  
Be a strategic HR advisor with deep cultural insights
Overcome survey fatigue by introducing modern approaches & new tech

Revealai Customer Experiences


Culture of ... ownership

A retail chain wanted to understand how they could improve their culture of employee ownership and recognition. 

  • Discovered how ownership drivers and motivations differed between hourly and salaried employees and impacted job performance
  • Identified ways to improve engagement, communications, and messaging related to ownership programs
  • Drove decisions to redesign recognition and stock programs to reinforce ownership mentality


Culture of ... innovation

U.S. Federal Scientific Agency wanted to engage the workforce and learn how its culture impacted employees’ ability to innovate, propose new ideas, and take risks. 

Sourced ideas from employees on how to:

  • Improve innovation and collaboration by communicating new concepts more broadly and frequently across the agency
  • Dedicate time, money, and staffing to identify and develop new concepts
  • Create a culture and organizational structure to successfully execute and transition new concepts into scale