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Revealai for Customer Research

Source Critical Customer Insights that Drive Business Growth

Empower your teams with qualitative customer data to make informed decisions.

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Deep Customer Insights to Power Your Success:

Fast & efficient - engage customers at the speed of today’s business

Rich, modern experience - embed images, video, and more within Revealai interviews

Deep qualitative insights - capture feedback in your customer's own words, at scale

Customer Research with Revealai

Businesses need rich customer insights to fuel growth, product development, and build a durable brand.

Revealai empowers you to deliver the rich customer insights your teams need to drive real business results.

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Understand the Customer Journey

Understanding how & why your customers buy is harder than ever. Revealai helps GTM teams uncover critical customer journey insights, straight from the source:

  • Use customer insights to understand how hard-to-measure channels like social, podcasts, and more are fueling revenue
  • Don't rely on last year's research report - get the real-time customer insights you need to drive results at the speed of today's business

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The Modern Way to Engage Your Customers

Today's buyers demand high-quality, personalized experiences at every touchpoint. Revealai helps your team create a modern customer feedback experience:

  • Embed images, video, and rich web-based experiences within the Revealai chat
  • Personalize customer conversations and follow up on unique feedback from each customer in real-time
  • Distribute Revealai interviews by sharing a link, or embed the interivew into your web properties for a fully branded experience
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A Game Changer for Data-Backed Decision Making

Qualitative customer data has been notoriously hard to capture and analyze - until now.

  • Quickly analyze customer feedback and visualize the data in an intuitive dashboard
  • Leverage AI to help identify key customer insights and unlock new opportunities in your business

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Drive Your Product Roadmap with Rich Customer Insights

The best businesses stay close to their customer at every stage of product development. Use Revealai to: 

  • Turn research into an "always-on" function, instead of something that happens only a few times per year
  • Integrate the voice of your customer into every aspect of your product development lifecycle

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“We needed to make decisions quicker. With Revealai, we got scale and feedback faster. It helped us be more agile.”

– Director, National Grocery Chain

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