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Revealai for Audience Intelligence

Move from Open-Ended Surveys, to Insightful Conversations

Revealai turns your survey open-ends into engaging conversations, enabling you to ask follow-up questions in real time for deeper qualitative insights.

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Increase response rates by
2-4x vs traditional surveys

Ask follow-ups in real time and elminiate missed insights

Code & analyze qualitative survey data faster than ever

Qualitative Research - at Scale

Research teams need innovative solutions to deliver insights at the speed of today’s business.

Revealai enables your team to leverage AI throughout the research process, empowering you to deliver deep, timely insights for your clients.

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Supercharge Your Survey Open-Ends

With survey fatigue at all-time highs, getting high quality responses to open-ended surveys can be a challenge. Revealai helps your team:

  • Go deeper than traditional surveys with real-time follow-up questions, reducing missed insights
  • Deliver a rich, engaging research experience to your participants
  • Our customers report a 2-4x increase in completion rates compared to traditional surveys
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Easily Integrate with Your Existing Research Tools

Revealai easily integrates into your existing tech stack, supercharging your ability to run qualitative research at scale.

  • Analyze verbatim participant responses within the Revealai analysis dashboard
  • Export all Revealai data for analysis within your current tools

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For Qualitative Studies Large & Small

Leading market researchers use Revealai to power a variety of qualitative research studies, including:

  • Launch small, standalone qualitative studies to inform the creation of larger, in-depth quantitative studies
  • Get rich results from survey open-ends as part of a larger quant study
  • Use Revealai to perform the nimble, preliminary research you need to win new clients

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Robust Analysis Capabilities

Revealai enables your team to quickly analyze large amounts of qualitative data, moving you from data, to insights, faster than ever:

  • Use AI to analyze verbatim participant responses
  • Easily filter data based on demographic & participant profile information
  • Identify actionable insights with the help of AI

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"I was amazed at the depth and quality of our customers' responses.

Using Revealai, I got insights that I would've had from traditional interviews–in a fraction of the time."

- Jay Gangi, President, novaQuant

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