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Helping leaders listen, learn, and lead.

“What if you could talk to ALL of your people
in one week?”

That question led to an all-out push to solve a customer's challenge … that ultimately became Revealai.

In March 2020, the US Air Force AFWERX group faced a historical problem. As the innovation arm of the Air Force, they regularly brought together airmen/women to share their challenges on the job and match them with start-ups to address those challenges. Due to Covid, one of their most significant events was canceled.

So, Major Tony Perez called upon BMNT to brainstorm how to shift from a live event to a virtual experience that would still bring in much-needed information from in-depth, insightful conversations so critical to the problem solving process.

Traditional surveys wouldn’t work. Why? Response rates would be low, and answers would be rote. The best way would be to interview each person, but that would be too costly and slow.  

A team of scrappy consultants and developers set out to reach this ambitious goal of talking with hundreds of airmen in a few days, and in a way that would draw out their pain points and produce quality insights about their problems.

The team turned to Conversational AI and built a “bot” capable of having human-like interactions via text and messaging. In a matter of days, they conducted hundreds of interviews, compiled insights and discovered 60+ problems and connected 190 companies with 50 Air Force leaders.

The BMNT consultants then knew it was possible to conduct human-like 1-1 interviews, easily, at scale, with the meaning, nuance, and emotions needed to understand complex problems!

They started asking their clients, “What if you could have a conversation with everyone in a matter of days?”

Many laughed. Then they were intrigued. These leaders understood that if they could have conversations quickly, at scale, they could figure out: 

1) What customers wanted
2) Why initiatives were failing
3) Why employees were disgruntled

Then they could act rapidly and make more informed decisions.

Interest from leader’s in different industries spiked. So, the little “bot” became more than a “bot,” and a product was born: Revealai.

Customers began to use Revealai in entirely new ways. To test new market concepts with customers. To gather requirements for technology initiatives. To find out why digital transformation initiatives were faltering, and more.

As the list of clients grew, BMNT decided to bring in a group of Silicon Valley veterans to spin out the product and begin a company. A company devoted to one mission:  To help leaders listen, learn, and lead.