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Revealai for Employee Listening

Engage and Empower Teams with AI-Powered Interviews

HR leaders use Revealai to get authentic employee feedback at scale.
Optimize your workforce impact using data-backed insights.

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Revealai Conducts Employee Interviews to Help:

Foster a thriving organizational culture

Avoid undesired and expensive turnover

Recognize and retain top performers

Employee Listening - at Scale

Your organizational culture can be part of your strategic advantage.

With Revealai, you can ensure you’re in the know and making the right decisions to empower your people.

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Employee Engagement Surveys

HR leaders must engage with employees at every stage to understand their experience, from onboarding to exit. Revealai helps:

  • Minimize survey fatigue with a conversational AI experience
  • Go deeper than traditional multiple choice surveys with follow-up questions
  • Uncover trends with AI-powered analysis to improve the employee experience

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Executive Onboarding

New leaders are under pressure to meet with stakeholders, direct reports, and external parties and ramp quickly. Revealai helps:

  • Engage in rich, insightful conversations with your stakeholders, at scale
  • Elicit important information and challenges a new leader should know
  • Define an action plan to start driving impact faster

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Change Management

Change is never easy, but organizational evolution is critical to stay ahead of the competition. Revealai helps:

  • Gather deep insights about the employee experience
  • Empower leaders with data-backed insights to make the right decision
  • Foster a culture of collaboration and continuous listening

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M&A integration

Merger and acquisition success depends on many factors, and successful employee engagement is one of them. Revealai helps:

  • Initiate ongoing listening campaigns to reveal what’s working and what’s not
  • Retain vital expertise, institutional knowledge, and connections that underpin an acquisition’s value
  • Identify actionable feedback through conversational interviews at scale

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“Revealai gave us the raw inputs we needed to understand the ‘why’ of the situation and take action.”

– VP, International Retailer

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