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Revealai is the Leading Qualitative Insights Platform that Helps you Turn Data into Decisions.

Engage any audience at scale with customized, one-on-one interviews to surface actionable insights.

Accelerate time-to-impact based on qualitative feedback and drive better business outcomes.

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Revealai makes it easy to get insights at scale


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Interview CoPilot

Design rich interviews with open-ended questions and suggested topics in an intuitive experience.

No code needed.

Conversational Interviews

Conduct interviews for 50, 500, or 5,000 participants.

The Revealai chat handles follow-up questions and understands nuance, ensuring you get high-quality responses.

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Insights Dashboard

Explore your qualitative data with Revealai’s insights dashboard.

Understand how hundreds or thousands of interview participants are responding at a glance, and quickly surface key insights from the data.

Conduct market research; customer journey research; explore new product ideas; get authentic customer feedback.

Explore top use cases

Customer Research

Source critical customer insights that drive business growth. Collect qualitative customer feedback at scale.

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Employee Listening

Improve organizational performance, support successful M&A, and drive operational success.

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Audience Intelligence

Explore consumer perceptions, get answers from your target audience, and make data-backed decisions.

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Hear from Revealai customers

"I was amazed at the depth and quality of our customers' responses.

Using Reveal, I got insights that I would've had from traditional interviews – in a fraction of the time."

Jay Gangi, President, novaQuant

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