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Our Customers

We have conducted 25,000+ AI interviews & analyzed over 140,000 unique responses, saving thousands of hours and delivering deep insights...


Leaders across technology, retail, research, and consulting industries use Revealai to collect and analyze qualitative feedback from customers and employees.

The deep insights they uncover help identify problems and opportunities within their organizations, helping leaders make better, more informed decisions.

“I felt like Revealai cared about how I was responding… like I was heard and validated and having a real conversation.”

- Revealai respondent

Interviews at Scale

Easy, open-ended interviews that can be conducted via text, web, or white labeled apps

Discover Hidden Insights

Unbiased conversational AI that responds to interviewee’s emotions using analysis of perspectives

Accelerate Meaningful Impact

Interviews that evolve, becoming smarter with each conversation

“I was amazed at the depth and quality of the customer responses. I got insights  I would have had from traditional interviews.”

- Jay Gangi, President, novaQuant