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Revealai is the leading AI-powered interview platform that helps you turn data into decisions

Engage customers at scale with 1:1 AI interviews.

Quickly transform verbatim customer feedback into clear, actionable insights.

1:1 Interviews, at Scale

Asynchronous AI interviews that participants can take via text, web, or white-labeled apps

4X the completion rate of traditional surveys

Less than the cost of focus groups or 1:1 interviews

Discover Insights in Real Time

Real time insights so you can drive the future instead of measuring the past

Inform action with deep insights into the issues that matter most for your stakeholders

Accelerate Meaningful Impact

Understand 1,000's of responses at a glance in the Revealai analysis dashboard

Faster time to insights = reduced time to impact

Move from engagement, to insights, to action at the speed of today's business

The Limitations of Interviews & Focus Groups

1:1 interviews don't scale

Qualitative data is messy - it is hard to synthesize insights from hundreds or thousands of verbatim responses, across a wide range of perspectives

Interviews and focus groups often take weeks or months to complete - lost time means reduced opportunity to make an impact

The Challenge of Surveys

Survey fatigue is at an all-time high

Quantitative ratings are numbers, not intelligence

Surveys often fail to uncover the "why" behind the responses

“I can walk into a store or look at a report and tell that red sweaters aren’t selling. Until I talk to a customer…I won’t know why.”

- National Retail Chain CEO

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The Solution:

The Revealai Customer Research Platform

"I felt like Revealai cared about how I was responding… like I was heard and validated and having a real conversation.”

- Revealai respondent

How Revealai Works

Craft open-ended questions for your 1:1 interview.

Our conversational AI will ask follow-up questions and probe for additional detail, ensuring you get high-quality responses.

Run your interview campaign with 1 to 10,000 participants.

Participants can respond asynchronously at any time during the interview campaign, from any device of their choosing.

We use the latest AI technology to analyze interview campaign responses, organically deriving key insights in our analysis app.

Easily sort interview responses by the profile of your stakeholders; geography, role, tenure, or any other criteria you select.

Quickly understand the most important issues facing your stakeholders.

Leverage data-driven insights to close the decision cycle gap and accelerate your impact.

“I was amazed at the depth and quality of the customer responses. I got insights  I would have had from traditional interviews.”

- Jay Gangi, President, novaQuant