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Discover user needs & validate new products and features, faster than ever.

Learn from hundreds or thousands of users faster and at lower cost than traditional methods, supercharging your product development.

Easily analyze data and find insights from hundreds or thousands of interview responses with the Reveal AI analysis app.
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Velocity Matters

Product research is the backbone of any successful business expansion or new product development. Velocity and access to deep user insights are not just valuable; they’re essential.

Lengthy delays in research projects or shallow insights could result in missed market opportunities, misguided product development or delayed development cycles - something no product team wants.

Comprehensive, timely insights mean agile adaptation to market shifts, deeply customer-centric design, and better business outcomes. 

Depth of Insights, at Scale

Reveal AI gathers insights about customer preferences or market trends at the depth of an interview, with the speed and the scale of a survey.

Reveal AI can help product research teams achieve:

- Customer-centric product development
- Clarity in prioritizing new features & products
- Accountability in meeting customer needs
- Innovation in product ideas
- Aligned values in product messaging
- Engagement & recognition of customer feedback  

Like a live conversation, our AI interviews facilitate open and unbiased discussions where customers can freely share their perspectives on products, plus ideas, concerns, or suggestions. We allow product teams to capture user feedback in their own words, and then transform that data into actionable insights.

Our platform analyzes interviews and derives insights from verbatim responses to help define action plans and drive product evolution.

These insights fuel actionable plans, ensuring businesses stay ahead of competition, adapt quickly to market shifts, and create products that deeply resonate with consumers.

The Benefits of Revealai


Gain rapid and in-depth insights to accelerate product innovation
Involve users early in concept/product testing and on a deeper level than ever before, facilitating maximum customer-product alignment
Identify gaps in product offerings and inform product development strategy
Avoid wasted cycles and time on building features that don't solve users' pain points


Gain deep insights to guide the journey to product-market fit
Implement scalable, repeatable processes to analyze customer feedback and spot market challenges
Overcome research fatigue by using modern technology approaches
Leverage lightweight, engaging research interviews for ongoing product research for real time feedback

Revealai Customer Experience


Accelerating Product Concept Feedback

Reveal AI was used in a new product research campaign by a large provider of auto, home & life insurance, and other services.

The provider’s brand and product team aimed to quickly validate a new concept in the emerging electric vehicle market by gauging customer perspectives and making data-backed decisions.

  • Using Reveal AI, the team conducted in-depth interviews with over a hundred customers in just a few days
  • Over 3,000 open-ended interview responses were quickly analyzed at the fraction of the cost of traditional focus groups
  • The result: the company reached a decision to move forward on their new marketplace idea, competing validation research in a matter of days vs the typical 4-6 weeks


Validating New Service Offering

A global advisory & consulting firm sought to validate a new service offering for their clients. 

The firm sourced ideas, opportunities, problems and challenges from employees in order to:

  • Improve their understanding of client needs and available budget
  • Shape the value proposition of their new service offering
  • Understand potential resource allocation for a customer's adoption and gain insights into possible roadblocks
  • The result: the firm quickly gained comprehensive insights into their client needs, allowing them to validate and tailor their new service offering based on direct feedback