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Acquisition Integration: Retaining Top Talent

Acquisition Integration: Using Reveal AI to Enhance Retention Post-Acquisition

In high-stakes environments where success is non-negotiable, Reveal help leaders listen to, engage, and retain the indispensable talent that drives all acquisitions

The Importance of Retention

After any acquisition closes, vital expertise, institutional knowledge, and the connections that underpin its value can simply walk out the door. The reasons employees leave range from the tangible (leadership change, compensation), to the intangible (“us” versus “them” mentality, rumors, etc). Discovering these views is critical to the success of the deal.

Highly successful, people-centric acquisition strategies use ongoing listening campaigns for up to 18 months.

The Challenge of Post-Acquisition Retention:

It takes a lot of time, money and effort to undertake continuous listening for that long. Additionally, it is difficult (if not impossible) to systematically identify actionable feedback through traditional survey tools.

According to PWC, the vast majority of companies that lose more than 10% of their employees post-acquisition reported that they "lost significant value after the transaction." (Source: "Creating Value Beyond the Deal")

Closing an acquisition (an expensive, difficult, and long process) just to see your most valuable asset walk out the door is not what most business leaders would call a successful acquisition. Fortunately, there is a way to increase retention at this critical time.

Post Acquisition Integration: Ensuring Success from the Start

Revealai enables open-ended, automated conversations with employees at the center of an acquisition. Its conversational approach probes employees' deeper views and concerns about all elements of the integration – from tangible to intangible.

The verbatim, open-ended responses are analyzed by AI and presented in a dashboard that provides actionable intelligence about an integration.

Post-acquisition, ongoing Revealai campaigns help create an employee-centric culture and help leaders identify, respond, and communicate about concerns as they arise. Ultimately, when employees feel heard, they commit themselves – thus increasing the probability of a positive return on the acquisition investment.

The benefits of RevealAI in Acquisition Integration


Gain insights to update retention strategies
Create a culture that nurtures positive employee experiences
Identify operational and process improvements to address execution gaps
Improve employee messaging


Gain deep insights about the organization’s combined culture  
Scaleable, repeatable process to track employee feedback and spot challenges
Overcome survey fatigue through modern technology approaches

RevealAI: A Critical Tool in Your Acquisition Integration Strategy

Directly after the acquisition closes, integration managers can begin with a baseline interview campaign to all employees. Then, on a monthly or quarterly basis, Revealai can conduct follow-up listening campaigns to assess progress and discover areas for course-correction and improvement. For employees to feel heard, campaigns should be followed by communication from leaders to discuss what was discovered, and to share go-forward plans.

RevealAI Customer Experiences

Cultural Integration of Two Retail Giants

Two retail giants came together recently in what was one of the biggest mergers in their industry's history. Revealai helped reach thousands of associates and understand different perspectives and concerns regarding their new roles and the company’s combined culture.

Revealai conducted conversations with over 6,800 employees in 8 days, with participation 50% higher than predicted.

Key business outcomes:

  • Identified seven areas for executive committee action
  • Gathered employee insights on the integration, as well as career aspirations, giving HR the ability to identify differences amongst communities by role and location
  • Identified messaging and actions that managers could reinforce to improve employee satisfaction

“We recognized that we had an opportunity to get actual, verbatim insights around ‘why or why not’ versus a ‘yes or a no.’ Revealai allowed us to get to the root cause of issues.  In fact, it gave us greater insight than perhaps what we had ever gotten before.” - VP, HR

Want to learn more about how Revealai enables post-acquisition success? Get in touch to book a live demo.


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