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Accelerating New Leader Success

Accelerating New Leader Assimilation with Reveal AI

The Challenge Facing New Leaders

As a new leader steps into an organization, their early success often depends on their ability to come up to speed rapidly. The book The First 90 Days outlines four critical steps new leaders should take in this short window to “get up to speed faster and smarter.”

- Meet... with reports, peers, and stakeholders
- Assess... how things are going
- Understand... strategic alignment from the top down
- Test... awareness of challenges and opportunities from the bottom up

Leaders must meet their organization + adjacent organizations + external parties to define what actions they must take to have an impact. These steps can be difficult (if not impossible) to execute in three months and leaders get overwhelmed.

Helping New Leaders Listen, at Scale

Revealai helps new leaders address these challenges by conducting interviews with any internal and external constituent concurrently. These interviews go well beyond surveys and can draw out important information, care abouts, and challenges that a new leader needs to know about.

Using RevealAI to Accelerate New Leader Success


Establish an open-door culture at scale
Get to the root cause of challenges faster and target next-level conversations
Strengthen an employee and customer-centric organization
Strengthen an employee and customer-centric organization



Create a repeatable, effective process to help with new leader onboarding
Be a strategic HR advisor with deep insights
Facilitate culture effectiveness across organizations
Leverage new technology to be more efficient      

Our Customer's Experiences


Accelerate digital transformation

The new CIO of a global technology and instrumentation company wanted to gather employee perspectives and identify actions to accelerate the company's digital transformation strategy.

The company reached hundreds of employees and discovered the challenges slowing down the implementation and creating employee churn.

Armed with this information, the CIO developed and prioritized a list of actions to enable improvements, including:    

  • Strengthening connections between strategy, organizational changes and execution timelines
  • Clarifying goals and expectations for roles most impacted by changes
  • Tying career advancement, compensation, and recognition programs to achievement of the transformation program’s goals


Transform operational model

“What is my workforce missing to be successful?” That was the #1 question the new director at a federal agency wanted to answer.

The leader turn to Revealai to gain intelligence to help transform their operating model and determine the agency's funding priorities.

Reached 80% of the workforce and identified five problem areas that could be immediately addressed:

  • Discovered that confusing policies and metric-driven appraisals were increasing the workload
  • Recommended areas where new technology could augment productivity
  • Surfaced challenges with compensation and identified potential culture improvements  
  • 72% of the population self-selected to help work on solutions to problems

Want to learn more? Find out how RevealAI can accelerate new leaders assimilation in your organization.


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